Second Tallest Buildings In The World

What is on your mind about Shanghai Tower? Due to in this worlds, there are many and various building including tower, so I am sure most of you have a desire to know what are becoming tallest towers in the world, right? Besides, this tower, there are other ones such as Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, trade center, Burj Khalifa, and still many more. It is of course each of them was built with different time. Do you know? Shanghai Tower is the most tallest one over other tallest towers in Pudong.

The construction was finished in 2014, and it has 121 floors. Surely, you can image how tall this tower, so what do you want to know more about this building? The roofing finishing was in 2013, and then it was recognized as the tallest one in Chine, and the second tallest building in the world. This is very great building, so why don't you choose Chine as your next travel destination?

What Is The Tallest Building In Saudi Arabia?

The next tallest building in the world that we will talk about is Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel. This was built at the heart of the holiest Islamic city. From any corner of the city, you can see how tall this building, then you can also see the clock as main view of this tower. So, have you ever come to this Mecca? When you are looking for information about tallest building worldwide, surely this one is including the tallest one. Yes, it is proven by its position as the third tallest building in the worlds.

It means when you determine visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia, surely you may not lose your opportunity to see the splendor of this building. For you all, who want to know how this building make the city to look more beautiful, spending about a week in Mecca is right way to enjoy the beauty of this building.

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